Below, you will find a list of the questions most frequently asked by our guests.


Questions & Answers

Is there a minimum stay?

This will depend on the season, for example on high season you have a minimum stay of 7 days, but depending of the dates you would like to book, it will change. Please email us with the dates you would like to book so we can help you.

How many bathrooms are there?

This will depend on the Villa that you choose, but in most of our Villas usually every bedroom has a private bathroom, plus some social Wc’s. In each house’s page you can confirm how many bathrooms there are.

Do you have any high chairs/extra beds/cot available?

Yes, we do have high chairs and baby buggy available for free, we also have cots with an extra cost, but must be requested in advanced, we also have the extra beds, folder-beds available but are charged extra, also needed to be requested in advanced.

Is there any pool heating in the Villas?

Yes, we do have pool heating in our villas, the children’s pool heating is gifted but the adult’s one must be requested in advanced and it is charged extra.

Do you have any pool fences available in the Villas?

Yes, we do have pool fences available in most of our villas (not available in Casa do Alemão, Casa da Música and both of Casa Sky and Sky 1), it is free of charge and must be requested in advance.

Can I arrive before the expected arrival time?

It will depend on the time and date of your booking, we cannot promise or confirm anything unless it’s 1 to 2 days prior to your booking date. You need to inform us beforehand so we can see if it is possible and if so we need to schedule with our cleaning team.

Do you have fiber internet?

Yes, we do have fiber internet in all of our properties mostly by wifi.
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If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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Questions & Answers

Do we have specific days for cleaning? How many?

For the villas all the cleaning will be done 2 times a week, these week days are not established so it can change from week to week. For the apartments it will depend of the duration of your stay.

Is it possible, if needed/wanted, to change villas?

Yes, it is possible, if you want to try another villa or if you need to because of the lack of availability, but it is only possible with a minimum booking of one week on each villa. This must also be previously discussed with the reservations Team.

We arrive before the check-in time, where can we leave our luggage?

Depending on our availability there is a possibility to do an early check-in (we can only confirm a few days before the arriving day), or, sometimes you can leave the luggage inside of the property. If you have this question, please ask in advance for us to do our best according to your needs.

Is there an option to have events in your properties?

Yes, we allow some events in our properties but we have a few demands, such as: we will need a deposit, an event fee and you have to book the villa for a whole week. If you want to know more contact us so we can answer according to your needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a cancelation policy that includes: if you cancel your booking more than 60 days ahead of your booking date you lose 20% of your deposit; if you cancel your booking between 60 or 30 days ahead of your booking date you lose 50% of the total cost; if you cancel your booking 30 days before or during the holiday you lose 100% of the total cost. There is also the option to postpone your stay if you don’t want to cancel it.

Is the total price presented per person or for the property?

The total price presented is per week in the property.

Do you charge a tourist fee?

No, we don’t charge any tourist fee.

Do you have any shuttle service available?

No, we don’t have a shuttle service of our own but we can suggest the shuttle services that we trust and usually recommend.

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